Our Archery Services

Super Bow Tune

Includes all Basic Bow Tune items PLUS:

  • Complete disassembly
    and cleaning

  • Re-assembly to Factory Specs

  • Check and lube axles

  • Clean and lube limb pockets

  • Clean and lube all moving parts

  • Verify correct draw length

  • Tiller tune if necessary

Basic Bow Tune

  • Establish center shot

  • Check cam timing and adjust if necessary

  • Check draw weight

  • Verify peep sight height

  • Wax string and check for wear

  • Check limbs for cracks and other issues

Paper Tune

  • Customer shoots own bow through paper

  • Technician makes adjustments for best paper tear

  • ​Pricing depends on involvement of adjustments required

Arrow Services/Products

  • Cut Arrows

  • Fletch New Arrows

  • Re-Fletch Arrows

  • Fletch Arrows Feather

  • Align Broadhead Arrows

  • Nocks, Inserts, & Field Tips

Bow Accessory Services

  • D-Loops, Peeps, & Quivers

  • Stabilizers & Bow Slings

  • Cat Whiskers

  • String Stop

  • Sight & Rest

  • Center Serving & End Serving

  • Nock Point

  • Targets & Range Time

  • Premium String - Every string purchased includes installations & basic tune


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