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Brooke Smith | Pro - Staff

Hi, my name is Brooke Smith. I grew up ranching and logging in the great state of Oregon, the outdoors has always been my home. As a young adult I started rifle hunting, and quickly learned that hunting was my passion. I have primarily spent my time hunting Mule Deer, Antelope and Rocky Mountain Elk with a rifle. After rifle hunting for 20 years I took the jump into archery, and it has taken me on an entirely new journey in my life.

As I become more involved in archery I find myself participating in several 3D shoots a year, and the Train to Hunt Challenge. I have also hosted ladies archery days and am very involved in Ladies Hunting Camp and am a certified Level 2 archery instructor.

I have enjoyed watching how the hunting industry has evolved with woman becoming more active in the outdoors. When I am not hunting or working I like to spend my time educating and getting women and children more involved in the outdoors. There is nothing more gratifying than the look in a person’s eyes when they have achieved what they did not think possible.


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