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Discover the faces behind Central Cascades Archery. Our dedicated team of skilled staff shooters brings a wealth of experience and passion, ready to inspire and guide your archery journey.

Jacob VanderMeer | Pro - Staff

Jacob VanderMeer is an accomplished archer and bow hunter. He resides in Central Oregon and works for a local Health Care Organization. Jacob has been on BowTech’s Pro Staff for multiple years as well as my others. He is grateful to share his passion and knowledge about archery in both tournament and hunting disciplines.​As a competitive tournament archer, Jacob has competed in regional, state, and national tournaments throughout the United States. Jacob has earned numerous state awards in both 3D and Indoor tournaments.

Jacob is involved in multiple archery organizations. He is the staff coordinator and web promotions point for Central Cascades Archery, sits on the board of an organized Triple Crown Tournament and is the Promotions Director for the Bend Bowmen Archery Club.​

Jacob is also an accomplished and diehard bow hunter and has been blessed with harvesting an animal and providing food for his family yearly for the last decade. Jacob’s favorite animals to pursue are elk, deer, bear and any turkey species for that matter. Jacob is guided in his principles by the memory of his grandparents and feels very blessed to represent the many companies and organizations he is involved in.


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