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Discover the faces behind Central Cascades Archery. Our dedicated team of skilled staff shooters brings a wealth of experience and passion, ready to inspire and guide your archery journey.

Avery Beauvais | Pro Staff

Avery Beauvais is an up and coming Phenom in the archery circuit. As a teenager and still going through school Avery does a great job of balancing the sport she loves with school work. She focuses her archery time in promoting the sport and being a role model for other archers of all age. For her Archery is a way of life. It is her passion and she is driven to improve her skills in every way be it mental or physical strength so that she may be the best she can be.​

As a competitive tournament archer, Avery has competed in regional, state, and national tournaments throughout the United States. Avery has earned numerous state awards in both 3D and indoor tournaments along with Two National Championships and holds a National record as well.​We are proud to have Avery on staff here at Central cascades and look forward to watching her grow as the year’s progress.


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